"The Denholm Partnership and Fiona have been an instrumental part of the success of the MHOR brand. The Lewis family have been known to be a little headstrong and rules and regulations have always been seen as a bit of a hindrance. The good counsel from Jimmy and all of his team and their ability to think out of the box have been vital to our rapid growth…."
TOM & LISA LEWIS, Monachyle Mhor Hotel

Set in one of Perthshire's most stunning glens, Monachyle Mhor started life as a simple farmhouse. The place has been transformed and expanded by the Lewis family, with their innate sense of it's potential, into a hugely successful and unique hotel. We have had the good fortune to have helped with this transformation in various projects over the years and the brief for this particular one was to address fundamental issues of improving the arrival point/reception and circulation. We designed a new entrance/reception which is accessed from the courtyard to the rear of the building and in doing this, created a new guest suite above. The new entrance offers protection for guests on an exposed site and a better link with the courtyard guest rooms whilst enhancing the totally distinctive Monachyle experience.  

New Entrance - Monachyle Mhor Hotel