CULCRIEFF is the site of former farm buildings within the Crieff Hydro Estate. Located not very far from the main hotel, this site has the most stunning views right across the Strathearn valley.
We started with the first phase of twelve self- catering units with a mix of accommodation. A subsequent phase of ten was then built... this is located in a wooded area adjacent and is independent of the first phase but works as an identifiable overall grouping.
Unit configurations are designed to give maximum flexibility for guest requirements; some units inter-connect to cater for large family groups; others have bedrooms that can sleep up to four children.....all designed to suit the Hydro's needs as a world class family resort.
A mix of materials – stone, timber, render and slate has been used to create comfortable, rural, sympathetic buildings that fit within the topography and landscape structure.
FK Interiors was commissioned by the Hydro to design the units inside...... using fabrics and furnishings that work with the target market and give a feeling of welcome and comfort.

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