The aim here has been to create the feel and character of a small rural village that nestles into the existing mature landscape.
Although the company's need was for 5 star accommodation, the budget was tight. We kept to a restricted pallet of unit types, but made sure the designs were varied and interesting. Some of the house types are 'upside down' with the open plan living areas upstairs taking best advantage of views. Bright distinctive colours have been used to reflect the sense of fun and to create a holiday feel.
The layouts are designed to optimise views, topography, sun, space and light appropriate to the individual unit location. The houses have spacious open plan living/ kitchen/ dining areas and we have worked closely with the client to create fresh, modern, functional interiors that feel easy and relaxed.
The development is ongoing with a further 40 units in the pipeline......

Holiday Lodges - Duchally Country Estate 02