LINN PRODUCTS are world leaders in the design and manufacturing of music systems. The team at Linn wanted to deliver a rich customer experience…a journey that resonated with their target customer and that reflected their brand personality.
Showcased in an open plan living space and 2 demonstration rooms, their single room & whole -home music solutions demonstrate the possibilities of integration with other home entertainment systems & automation. The purpose of the main space was to show customers how easily Linn could be integrated in their own homes.
'Young, urban, tech- savvy' had been identified as describing the key segment to target and Linn wanted the space to appeal also to the international visitor. Because their customer had also been identified as not being overly ostentatious, the design brief bullet points were: lasting value and quality/ fun/ inclusive and inviting/ inspiring without being aspirational/ having attention to detail/ non- elitist. The fittings were sourced with a view to the open-plan arrangement and to the scale of the space... but we treated it with a softer, human approach that supported the feeling of a relaxed and unpretentious way of living…..

Linn Products Eaglesham