"Fiona has a mercurial eye…she creates beautiful interiors which make people feel good…and there is always something unexpected…."
TOM & LISA LEWIS, Monachyle Mhor

This place comes with its own genetic code, translated through various references, the landscape, the colours and textures. The aim was for simplicity, privacy and comfort. Working hand in hand with 2 generations of the Lewis family, we have helped to design a framework that could carry on evolving, and harmonize with Monachyle's strong sense of place and identity.
So many places today are pigeon-holed in the press as 'hip' or 'luxury' hotels … too often watered-down versions. True 'hipness' comes from having originality and real heart. Monachyle's owners have both...quite naturally and without pretension and our job is to work with them to harness that - whatever it is - with imagination, fun and a sense always of 'more can happen here'
Tom and Lisa get as excited about a 21st century piece as they do about a great sale find...as long as the piece delights!...cont./

Monachyle Mhor Hotel Balquhidder