THE ROYAL HOTEL... "a massive learning curve for both Fiona and I but the result was better than either of us could have imagined...huge effort but lots of fun!"

The approach we took here wasn't so much about historical style but there was a DNA that guided us through the project and evolved as we went along. The brief was to create a comfortable hotel with a classy feel that would attract clients both locally and from afar....for shooting, stalking, and fishing or simply for relaxing.
Edward's father produced some wonderful pieces of furniture and artwork and we trawled auction houses and clambered about in the attics of the family garages finding old light fittings and artefacts.
The whole building was more or less gutted ...walls were knocked down, the circulation of the place reconfigured, open fires re-instated, wooden floors installed, a new conservatory built...and years later, the atmosphere is still one of easy relaxed warmth and a feeling of welcome. The furniture we sourced as new, has now settled-in and has taken on that well-used look making it feel even better.

The Royal Hotel Comrie