make people feel good and at ease in their own home is something we strive for. Every one of us would like to live in a place that can take on our individuality, that functions well and that evolves as our families evolve.
Understatement, trying to continually edit, understanding scale, understanding why things work together...sometimes by happy accident... these are all key to the way we look at things.

The new extension at Tomnagaske is a large white open airy space with lots of glass to give natural light.... making a better connection with the garden and courtyard. The open space fulfils many needs. With its massive table, the central area works well as a dining/ entertaining and working space opening onto a covered stone terrace. With long views to the hills on the west side, there are 2 relaxed sitting areas, again with sliding glass screens to the garden. Upstairs a new bedroom and yoga room were created - both light-filled spaces and furnished very simply. The finishes are all quiet: wide natural oak planks, white walls and concrete surfaces. Artwork, old maps, handed- down rugs, an abundance of books and family photos all add colour and familiar resonance.

Tomnagaske Comrie